You DESSERT The Truth!

April 25, 2017



    So, why are we settled on using natural organic cane sugar in our ice cream? Of course keeping our product from freezing isn't the only reason- we could use sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.

 The bottom line is, we don't compromise or cut corners where quality and health are concerned!

 Artificial sugars provide a sweet taste without any of the calories that give us energy and help regulate our metabolism. When our brain doesn't receive energy from calories it often becomes confused and leads us to eat more sugary foods! 

Are these artificial sugar substitutes safe anyway?
If you ask us, the word artificial doesn't sound very safe to us to eat. There are plenty of scientific evidence proving that artificial sweeteners are linked to many health problems.
Sugar alcohols are cheap to produce and can be made from wood, corn or any number of sources. They often come from GMO crops, which goes against everything Revival Ice Cream stands for!

High quality natural organic sugar is the best and the most HONEST choice for us to make when it comes to our ice cream!

Thanks for reading and know you can feel good about enjoying a bowl of Revival Ice Cream! 

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