Revival Ice Cream's Environmental Practices and Commitment

February 23, 2017


We shall strive to incorporate sustainability into our core business operations through internal and external efforts. Specifically, we shall adopt the following policies and practices:


1.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

2.  Toxics Reduction

3.  Purchase Environmentally friendly products

4.  Conserve energy, water and natural resources

5.  Practice Green Business policies on checklist


1.0 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We shall –

·      Strive to increase waste diversion by recycling all paper, bottles AND strive to compost food waste.

·      Reduce the waste generated by donating reusable office items (furniture, stationary) to charitable organizations.

·      Not using any plastic, Styrofoam or other harmful to the environment materials

2.0 Toxics Reduction

We shall reduce the use of toxic materials to protect employee health and the environment. Specifically we shall -

·      We Choose Organic, natural and non-toxic  janitorial cleaning products

·      Recycle waste lamps, batteries, aerosol cans and other universal waste

·      Batteries – Purchase only rechargeable batteries

3.0 Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

We shall purchase/use -

·      remanufactured toner cartridges

·      office & toilet paper with 50%-100% recycled content

·      products with least packaging (no plastic, styrofoam, aerosol packaging)

·      Energy Star rated appliances and office equipment.

·      most water efficient toilets.

4.0 Resource Conservation

We shall conserve fossil fuels by -

·      promoting the use of public transit,

·      offering telecommuting options,

·      We shall strive to remodel using LEED Green building standards.

5.0 Employee Education

We shall educate employees on resource conservation and pollution prevention through –

·      Hosting zero waste events

·      Training programs or brown bag sessions to educate employees on proper recycling & composting practices, resource conservation ideas, importance of low-toxic purchasing etc.

·      Business practices education on using only recycled, biodegradable materials or reusable materials in workspace

·      Offer incentives to encourage environmentally preferable practices such as recycling champion, transit hero etc.

·      Inform employees of environmental issues in company newsletters, training material and staff meeting discussions.

6.0 Responsibilities

It shall be the responsibility of Revival Ice Cream to oversee the implementation of this policy. We shall have the discretion to delegate responsibilities to staff to achieve specific goals and/or projects.  This policy shall be reviewed by upper management on at least an annual basis. Changes to this policy shall only be made by upper management after a review of the goals and practices herein.


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