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February 10, 2017


Jake Reisdorf, the bee educator and owner of the Carmel Honey Company,  spent time with Revival Ice Cream this past weekend,  educating our customers about the benefits of amazing bees and how we can protect our tiny pollinators.  The value of bees is extraordinary!!  These little guys are responsible for pollinating over 85% of our food crop worldwide! Bee pollen contains about 40% protein and nearly all nutrients required by the human body, making it one of nature’s most complete foods.

It’s no wonder that our Bee's Knees ice cream is the most popular ice cream!  It has become the staple of Revival Ice Cream. YOU, our customers truly know what tastes the best and is best for you! :) It is made with BEE LOVE! Ron, infuses Bee's Knees with beeswax harvested from Carmel Honey Company, then he folds in honey, bee pollen and candied honey comb for crunch. The result...Yummy, delicious and yes, you could say the healthiest ice cream you can eat. :)


Are you still sitting there thinking about our ice cream?  Go ahead, mosey on down to Alvarado street and get your scoop of the best and most respected organic ice cream in the world. You can also call us and we will ship as many pints to you as you wish! We will be having our online store up and running soon too, so stay tuned :)

Now, lets have some Bee's Knees! 



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