Look Who’s Pairing Up!

January 24, 2017






Like honey and cream, Earthbound Farms and Revival Ice Cream are a natural pairing. Together we believe that happiness comes from delicious, wholesome and organic foods. Foods that are grown, harvested and prepared with a consciousness for our planet and all that live and thrive on it. Our Ice Creams are made with the love, time and attention that has come to be expected from customers of the ‘Farm Stand”. At Revival Ice Cream our goal is to make the best ice cream in the world. Last fall we opened our doors on the newly revived Alvarado street in down town Monterey. Our Chef, Ron Mendoza beautifully blends quality local and organic produce with culinary creativity. Our wildly delicious ice cream fusions such as a refreshing grapefruit and Juniper leave sorbet, or the sweetly earthy flavor of candy cap mushrooms with maple marsh mallow has quickly made Revival Ice Cream popular among ice cream enthusiasts. Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley has become a local favorite amongst the community because of the philosophies and commitment to organic farming that Drew and Myra Goodman implemented over 30 years ago. The Farm Stand at Earthbound Farms has cultivated a growing community that not only wants quality food, but foods from quality companies that respect the planet through sustainable and ecofriendly practices and that is precisely why Revival Ice Cream is proud to announce that we are now selling our ice cream bars, sandwiches and pints at Earthbound Farms!

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