Our vision goes beyond making the most delicious ice cream possible.

We strive to make the most delicious ice cream in the most sustainable, thoughtful way with the freshest, in-season,

locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Our goal is to delight your taste buds while supporting local non-profits and bringing joy to all ages.

Our purpose is to make a positive change in the world.

Revival Ice Cream is a local, purpose driven woman led company.

Founder & Owner Adriana brings a unique background to the business. Originally from Slovakia and raised on wholesome, natural foods, she is a licensed pharmacist who knows the science and benefits behind utilizing organic, highest quality and sustainable ingredients.

Intensely passionate about building a good business, food quality, health and nutrition, Adriana founded Revival as a legacy for her daughter, Summer, and a tribute to her father, Jozef, an innovative business man who immensely loved ice cream. He taught Adriana how business can make a positive impact on the environment, people and communities.

making a difference

Passion and caring

Adriana’s own daughter, Summer, struggled with health issues until she was diagnosed with multiple genetic polymorphisms. Dealing with health issues so close to home - combined with a Pharmacy background founded on a passion for science, health, and nutrition, Adriana deeply understands how food can heal a body by giving it what it needs - quality nutrient dense food. 

And, through Revival, we have proven that “eating well” doesn’t mean missing out on sweet, quality treats. 

At Revival, we are staying away from any toxic additives such as hormones, glyphosate, synthetic food colorings ensuring nothing is in the ice cream that doesn’t belong there


join the team
Be a part of our amazing team!

We work together cohesively, towards a common goal, creating a positive working atmosphere,

and supporting each other to combine our individual strengths.  

We have high standards and values we live by!

This is a purpose driven company - so much more than ice cream

We believe in TEAM WORK because great things happen when we work together!

We encourage open and clear communication and great work ethic, with accountability.

Do you believe in Revival's vision ? 

If the answer is YES, send your resume with cover letter and answers to the bellow questions to:


Growth opportunities: 

Grow into senior server


 assistant manager

store manager

* raise with each growth level


Hospitality Training

Predictable bi-weekly schedule 

Bonuses for outstanding work 

Competitive Wages and Opportunities for Growth

Monthly team meetings

Bonding and fun wellness retreats

Free Ice Cream on your breaks! (yes!) 

and other whats we call, Integrity Benefits


  1. Are you looking for a full time (40H/ week) or part time position?

  2. What are your long term (2 years and over) goals?

  3. What are you strengths, all things you just absolutely love doing?

  4. What are your challenges?

  5. How many years of experience working with customers do you have? 

  6. Why do you want to be part of our Revival team? Be specific.


Do you want to be part of our kitchen staff and make the finest ice cream products?

Please send your resume and cover letter!  We can't wait to meet you!


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Purpose driven

woman led company

463 Alvarado Street

Monterey, CA 93940

(831) 747-2113

summer hours

(May - September): 12PM - 10PM

Fridays & Saturdays until 11PM

winter hours

(October - April): 12PM - 9PM

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